No. 13, 2022

This year’s edition of the Iris Murdoch Review places Murdoch in dialogue with contemporary novelists and philosophers whose views put her beliefs into sharp relief and develop conversations that have been ongoing since Murdoch’s centenary in 2019, not only concerning her status as a canonical writer and as a (non)feminist, but also with regard to her roles of student and teacher. It includes:

  • Anthony Quinton, Stuart Hampshire, Iris Murdoch and Isaiah Berlin, ‘Philosophy and Beliefs: A Discussion between four Oxford Philosophers’, with an introduction by Hannah Marije Altorf
  • Rachel Cusk, 'On Iris Murdoch as a Woman Writer'
  • Fleur Jongepier, 'Iris Murdoch and Transgressive Love: On Loving and Unloving Philosophers'
  • Rebecca Moden, 'Blurred Lines: Iris Murdoch’s Pedagogical Relationships'

Along with reviews, reports, a memoir and much more.

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    The Iris Murdoch Review publishes articles on the life and work of Iris Murdoch and her milieu on a yearly basis. The Review aims to represent the breadth and eclecticism of contemporary critical approaches to Murdoch, and particularly welcomes new perspectives and lines of inquiry. We are always interested in receiving expression of interest regarding new material for publication.

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