Iris Murdoch Review 14, 2023


The influence and impact of Iris Murdoch’s work is increasing exponentially each year and the Iris Murdoch Review likewise seems to grow with each issue. This edition contains a wide-ranging collection of essays, reviews and reports variously connected by specific features. We begin with celebrations of Murdoch at home and abroad, then move on to America, art, philosophy and literature – specifically by women writers: a set of topics that encapsulates Murdoch’s life of working, writing and travelling, including:

  • ‘Iris Murdoch and John Bayley in Conversation at Tulane University’
  • ‘Iris Murdoch in America: An Interview with Cheryl Bove’
  • Scott H. Moore, ‘Was Iris Murdoch a Phenomenologist?’
  • Lucy Bolton, ‘Iris Murdoch May Not Be a “Women’s Writer”, but She Certainly Writes for Me’
  • Frances White, ‘Response and Responsibility: Jane Austen and Iris Murdoch’
  • Janfarie Skinner, ‘Oxford Lives in Fact and Fiction: Rachel Trickett and Iris Murdoch’

Along with art, reviews, reports, and much more.

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