Iris Murdoch Review 12, 2021


This year’s edition of the Iris Murdoch Review focuses on an underappreciated area in Murdoch studies – her work in theatre. Not only does it contain a wealth of new material alongside the regular reviews and reports, but we are also pleased to include Murdoch’s own reflection, ‘A Note on Drama’, which has not been reprinted since its first publication in 1970. It also includes:

  • An Interview with the First Patron of the Iris Murdoch Society – Annette Badland and Frances White
  • ‘The theatre is another world’: Iris Murdoch and The Three Arrows – Annette Badland
  • The Dramatic Works of Iris Murdoch: A Chronological Catalogue – Christopher Boddington and Daniel Read
  • A Novelist’s Plays: Iris Murdoch and the Theatre – John Fletcher
  • A poor player that struts and frets her hour upon the stage?: Iris Murdoch and the Theatre – Anne Rowe
  • Joanna, Joanna: The Forgotten Play – Miles Leeson
  • The Japanese Context of The Three Arrows – Wendy Jones Nakanishi
  • ‘All those wonderful glittering absolutely vanishing pantomimes’: The Theatre and Iris Murdoch – Jaki McCarrick
  • Pain and Pleasure in Fictionalised Landscapes: The Shakespearean Imaginary in The Nice and the Good – Emma Graeme
  • ‘And do you go to bed with them?’:An Artist’s Response to Iris, Twenty Years On – Carol Sommer

Along with reviews, reports, a memoir and much more.

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